Sparkling Wine Pizzorno Brut Nature Classico

The base wine was selected through a blend of Chardonnay and a small percentage of Sauvignon Blanc made in February. In May we proceeded to the second fermentation with selected yeasts in the bottle, fermented by the traditional method, remaining on the lees for at least seven months. Then, as soon as the bottle and its contents rest, we proceed to remuage, i.e., each one alternately moves an eighth of a circumference on its longitudinal axis in an inverted position at 45º every day. This allows the leftovers from the second fermentation to come off the bottom of the bottle and be deposited in the bottle spout. In November, we carry out the final dégorgement process. Each variety offers different characteristics, Chardonnay gives its aroma and body and Sauvignon Blanc its fruit and complexity. Tasting Notes: Its aroma is a balance between fruit and yeast, as it is a sparkling wine of the year and its contact with the lees was seven months; in the mouth it presents itself with good acidity and structure and repeats the balance between fruit and yeast with a long and pleasant finish. Its pearliness is fine, elegant and persistent.
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