The Short type: Brittany Blomsterberg ended up being interested in marriage and family members treatment from a young age, very she invested a lot more than ten years in school learning to become a therapist. Over the years, her focus shifted from treatment to mentoring, and she uses a mixture of modalities — such yoga and Reiki — to greatly help consumers connect with and turn into unique Beacon of Light, as she makes reference to their internal crucial charm. Brittany stresses brain, human anatomy, and soul so your entire existence can treat. Her practice contains both in person and online classes, and she intentions to supply a retreat where individuals can come to cure, rejuvenate, and relax. You could get in contact with Brittany at (818) 269-7903 or via e-mail at

Brittany Blomsterberg knew from an early age that she wanted to assist men and women realize themselves. That passion led the lady on the way to finding her religious healing rehearse through which she helps clients learn and accept their unique real selves so they can attain the lifetime of their desires. She additionally locates it very enjoyable.

“my entire life is really what Needs it to be,” she mentioned.

As Brittany accepted her gifts to greatly help change life, she wishes her clients to feel confident sharing their own gift ideas with other people — which could alter even more resides and then make globally an improved place for everybody else.

Brittany works closely with men and women on the quest to exposing their Divine Self. She believes many people are already great but could need to remove outer levels that cover up their true selves.

Through a variety of strategies — including religious coaching, yoga, and Reiki — Brittany guides clients through an organic healing up process. Through the years she is developed her innate capacity to determine what clients require, and she trusts her instincts to guide all of them to their quest. She pulls on her behalf informative back ground and numerous years of knowledge to aid consumers end up being the Beacons of Light they have been supposed to be.

Customers who do work with Brittany can figure out how to love on their own since they are, discover unexploited talents, and uncover presents they could use to further the goal of their schedules.

a changeover From wedding and Family Therapy

“I started witnessing a counselor at the chronilogical age of 10 and fell in love with the procedure of treatment and learning about myself,” stated Brittany. A higher class therapy class assisted this lady recognize that she planned to pursue it as a vocation, and she spent another ten years discovering relationship and family treatment.

Within her 20s, Brittany begun to understand that she was actually caught in a bad relationship and she wished to know the way it had occurred. She stated she was baffled of the knowledge due to the fact, as a trained professional, she understood the warning signs of abuse. This experience led her to open up the woman eyes beyond psychology and in to the in-depth learn of theology and spirituality, whereby she moved to Thailand to submerge herself in Eastern thought.

She discovered to hear her intuition and establish a further comprehension of the human experience. That is whenever she discovered a present for hearing beyond her senses to other individuals. “I found myselfn’t aware that we held that potential until I researched spirituality and transitioned into mentoring,” mentioned Brittany, “I wanted getting a lot more present-focused and help individuals move ahead, not stay caught prior to now.”

Brittany ended her relationship and took her own guidance — she moved ahead.

She subsequently worked as a Tony Robbins advisor and took the woman practice to a different degree. While she loved the girl growth through it, she knew anything was actually missing.

“we discovered i needed to include my learnings of spirituality inside my practice and establish personal alternative strategy,” Brittany mentioned. She continued to generate an application that she uses with customers these days.

a natural Approach to treatment that assists People be the ideal form of Themselves

Brittany does not follow a normal mentoring model, but instead requires a holistic view of the woman consumers and develops thorough ways of assist them to.

“I simply take a brain, body, and nature approach within my training,” Brittany said. Through techniques she learned in college, she covers the mindset of clients to assist them to sort out dilemmas. She delivers yoga in as a way to address both the body and mind using movements which can be good for their needs.

Brittany also incorporates the ancient Japanese healing strategy Reiki to help clients treat and reduce their particular levels of stress. This woman is certified as a Reiki II specialist, where she makes use of mild touch to improve energy imbalances in the human body, head, and spirit. Ever since the exercise just isn’t religion-based, it’s useful to every person, regardless their unique trust.

“I believe whenever individuals discovers Reiki, these people were led to it for an excuse. Through Reiki, customers learn how to trust their health to cure on their own; their electricity really does the task, and I also’m the facilitator,” Brittany stated. She makes use of Reiki to clear places that trauma has been presented on a cellular level in the human body, enabling her clients to return to claims of ease and tranquility.

She additionally knows whenever each customer encounters a substantial change. “I believe an electricity revolution undertake my own body whenever my personal clients launch another level that were stopping them from hooking up on their Divine personal,” Brittany stated.

A number of Brittany’s most impactful customer success tales are those of individuals who met the love of their own existence after getting her services. Some clients that happen to be parents report they need much better relationships using their children, while others have sent Brittany emails saying their own life are shining very brightly they are able to make significant modifications — like learning to love by themselves.

Strategies Include Chakra Clearing Workshops and exotic Retreats

Brittany works together customers in a variety of ways. The woman neighborhood customers usually see in person so they are able get most of the benefits of Reiki, yoga, and various other strategies that she delivers to training.

For long-distance consumers, Brittany provides mentoring telephone calls via cellphone or Skype, and certainly will even start electricity recovery over the phone. Sessions take place consistently — often once weekly — therefore customers can acquire impetus within recovery and improvement. Brittany also works with people through multiple-session workshops and occasions. Those types of, a 7-Week Chakra Clearing Workshop, happens to be teaching members tips rebalance their unique seven lively facilities through training, hookup, Reiki, yoga, and reflection methods.

“i am open to delivering other folks on with me. A lot of people have various gift ideas, plus it’d be a lovely knowledge to take every thing with each other.” — Brittany Blomsterberg, Spiritual Healer

She’s in the process of preparing a romantic refuge where other individuals can join her in a beautiful, exotic place — Thailand and Bali come into the running — enjoy the powerful effectation of leaving their usual atmosphere, happening a technologies fast, and experiencing facets of some other cultures.

Brittany is actually deciding on integrating with other professionals to provide acupuncture, yoga, along with other recovery strategies the occasion.

“i am ready to accept providing other people on beside me. A lot of people have actually different presents, and it’d be an attractive knowledge to take everything with each other,” mentioned Brittany.