La Fiesta Sur

Merlot Rosé

Fact Sheet

Short maceration during six hours in contact with pomace, subsequent extraction of liquid that will start fermentation at controlled temperature (15 °C / 59 °F), attaining a pale pink color and retaining fully the flower and fruit aromas of the variety. Excellent aromas, good structure with medium body.

Alcohol:  13% in volume
Acidity:  3.1 gr/l
Sugar:  2.5 gr/l
pH:  3.7

Tasting Notes

Color: pale pink, rose petals.
Aroma: fruity, strawberry with a subtle muscat ending.
Mouth: pleasant, intense with good body and persisent ending.


Suitable match with salads, appetizers, pasta with mild sauces.
Serving temperature: 12 to 14 °C / 54-57 °F

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