Petit Verdot 2015 (Closed Barrel)

Fact sheet

Closed barrel fermentation is a traditional and very old technique. For this wine neither temperature is controlled, nor enzymes or yeasts added; the fermentation happens thanks to the yeasts that the grape has on its own skin (indigenous yeasts).

The grapes are harvested with optimum maturity and when they arrive to the winery we perform a manual destemming to be able to obtain the whole berries which we will put inside French oak barrels where the fermentation is going to take place.

When the alcoholic fermentation ends, the pomace is left in contact with the wine for further 30 days. We pursue the malolactic fermentation to happen, to achieve its final roundness.

In order to press the pomace we have to disassemble the barrel and manually transfer it to a manual press where we will perform a light pressing.

Only one out of two barrels of fermentation is obtained for the aging that will be of, at least, twelve months.

Tasting notes

In the glass it has a bright ruby red color, high brightness and medium intensity.

In the nose it has intense notes reminiscent of spices such as cardamom and green pepper along with aromas of cassis, malt and a smoked background with dark chocolate.

In the mouth it enters with a slight attack, a present body and an average astringency; medium intensity and a nice and long finish.


Ideal to combine with rice rissoto or bittersweet pork meats and roast potatoes.

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