Pizzorno Sparkling Wine Reserve

Fact Sheet

This sparkling wine is made under the Champenoise method with our own grapes grown in our estate in Canelón Chico.

The base cuvee is made with a blend of the varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir harvested manually in its exact point of ripeness, selecting the best clusters.

The must is obtained by direct pressing, fermented at a controlled temperature of 11 to 13 °C (52-55 °F) with selected yeasts, with the purpose of getting a high quality cuvee, with the fruit and freshness of Chardonnay and the structure and volume of Pinot Noir.

In may we start the second fermentation in bottle, we use a liqueur de tirage with selected yeasts for bubbling, and let it rest in our cellar during the fermentation process and aging on lees.

After 24 months of lay down, we finally reach the riddling process and subsequent degorging without dosage, obtaining a harmonious, elegant, complex and very persistent Brut Nature.

Quantity: 1,500 bottles.

Tasting Notes

Medium gold color, fine bubbles, elegant and persistent. In the nose, complex, harmonic and delicate. Fresh aromas of apple, smoked and assorted flowers. In the mouth very pleasant and fresh with important body and roundness. Elegant and persistent.

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