Don Próspero

Tannat Maceración Carbónica 2017

Fact Sheet

Carbonic Maceration is an ancient vinification technique that avoids grape crushing, its origin comes from Greek and Roman winemakers. Our winery has adapted the method to the Tannat variety, being currently the only winery using this method commercially.

Our Tannat with Carbonic Materation is made taking special cares that start in the vineyard with selected clusters collected in boxes containing 22 lb, preserving at all times the integrity of grape berries, a fundamental element for making this wine.

Grapes are fermented in clusters inside stainless steel tanks under a carbonic gas atmosphere (oxygen free), obtaining a natural intracellullar fermentation within each grape berry.

Maceration takes place for several days and the right time to finish this process is assessed by tasting. Then the grapes are gently pressed to release must. The must obtained completes the fermenting process under controlled temperature with the traditional method.

This technique allows us to taste a wine of the current harvest just fifteen days after malolactic fermentation finishes, improving noticeably its organoleptic characteristics, providing more smoothness in mouth thanks to the loss of acidity and, besides, increasing the extraction of aromas.

Tasting Notes

Light ruby red color with violet reflexions. Great aromatic potential that reminds of red fruits and bananas. In the mouth it is well balanced, harmonious and gentle thanks to the lower acidity, which makes it different to any other Tannats made with traditional methods.

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