Don Próspero

Tannat 2016

Fact Sheet

Tannat is the signature variety of Uruguay, it represents our winery worldwide with a perfect adaptation to the climate and soil of our region, Canelón Chico, in the south of the country.

Uruguay is the only variety producer in the world where the vineyard area is even larger than in its native place: Madiran and Irouléguy, in the southeast of France.

After careful management of vines in the pre-harvest labors, wine is obtained from ripe grapes collected manually. Their intense colour and powerful tannins determine its personality.

Tasting notes

Applying traditional winemaking processes, handcraft and state of the art technologies we obtain a Tannat wine of an intense ruby red color, complex aromas of red and black fruit, featuring some plum and dry figs; and full body and volume in the mouth, with ripe and permanent tannins.


Ideal for pairing with pasta, red meats and strong dishes.

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