Don Próspero

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Fact Sheet

A wine made with grapes from selected sections of our vineyard, after an analytical and sensorial ripeness control before harvest.

Upon the arrival of grapes to the winery, the clusters are manually selected, destemmed and lightly crushed. At that time there were added enzymes for the extraction of aroma and color, starting a cold maceration process during three days at 55 °F.

The must was then inocculated with selected yeasts to begin fermentation. During this period we make daily pumping over and rack-and-return for three days with a permanent temperature control. After this stage we run two pumping-overs a day until the end of fermentation.

After alcoholic fermentation was completed due to the excellent ripeness of the grapes, it was decided to continue maceration during 25 days, when the malolatic fermentation took place.
Finally, the pomace is pressed to continue breeding for two months on the lees with enzymes specialized in the extraction of polysaccharides for the formation of mannoproteins which will combine with the anthocyanins and tannins, forming macromolecules with the objective of stabilizing the color, rounding tannins and making more complex the aromatic phase of the wine.

In August began its aging in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Intense red color with orange rims due to its passage of eight months in oak barrels; complex aroma of excellent intensity that reminds of vanilla, black olives, chocolate and spices, achieving a balance between fruit and wood.

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